Next week is a special testing for Miss Lozano. She will be testing for her level 1 instructor collar during Advanced Testing with special guest judge Master Candidate Schafer. She has been working very hard for about a year completing all of the steps required by the ATA and Mrs. Medina. Requirements to become an instructor consist […]

On March 6th and 7th we are have Belt Graduation! These two days are all about showing off everything they have learned over the last 8-10 weeks. After they have preformed all their curriculum they are presented with their brand new belt! These two days are a blast. The first day we get to see our […]

Did you know Santa Rosa ATA is certified in ATA’s Bully Prevention Program? Did you know Santa Rosa ATA has a Bully Prevention Program? Yes, we do! ATA has developed an amazing bully prevention program that is fun, interactive and very easy to learn and understand. Kidz ‘n Power, through ATA, have created Agent G […]

This weekend was a great example why you should go to tournaments. We are very proud of our students, whether you placed or not. Placing in the tournament and getting medals is awesome but it is not always the most important thing. Having fun should be the number 1 thing when competing at a tournament. […]

I just want to take some time to congratulate a few of our students for some early 2014 accomplishment! Mr. Freeman, 1st Degree Black Belt: Mr. Freeman was featured in his community’s magazine with an athlete spotlight. Not only was he featured in the article he also was on the cover showing off for the […]