Summer vacation starts in just a couple of weeks, do you have plans yet? Make sure to keep yourself busy with lots of fun activities over the summer. Some of those activities could be Taekwondo summer camps! We are hosting several weeks of camps that any of our students can participate in. It is very […]

Most of the time when you ask a boy what he wants to be when he grows up he says Firefighter, Astronaut or something like that. ¬†For a school assignment one of our Leadership Tiny Tigers was asked to write what they wanted to be when he grew up and why, this is what he […]

Every one of us have goals we want to accomplish in our training. Whether it is fitness related, getting our next belt or certification, learning new material or becoming a state or world champ. We can achieve these goals by coming to class and practicing at home and putting in the time. But sometimes we […]

Did you know we recycle here at ATA? We do, and it doesn’t just go in the dumpster when the can gets full. Next to the fridge we have a recycling can for all plastic bottles and aluminum cans. When it get’s full we take it and tun it into the recycle center for money. […]