About Testimonials


Our son has autism. When people hear that, they commonly think of the movie Rain Man or of a person that is severely mentally handicapped. With his mind, most people are surprised when they meet our son, a happy social, talkative little boy. When he was diagnosed at 4 years old, we were told of the limitation he would have. That was not good enough for us and we chose not to let anything limit his abilities, especially a label like that. When we initially checked into Taekwondo, we were looking for something that would interest our son, as well as provide some fundamental training and growth in areas that come naturally to typically developing children. We met Mrs. Medina, Mr. Banuelos, and Mr. Masklyne of ATA Martial Arts in August 2012. From the beginning, they’ve worked with us in every way possible. They knew at his very first introductory lesson what he needed that would allow him to actively and productively participate in the program. Mr. Banuelos has developed an amazing relationship with our son that has allowed him to thrive. They provided a positive, encouraging atmosphere that has given our son confidence.

There are not enough words we can say to express the gratitude and appreciation we feel towards ATA Martial Arts and the amazing instructors. They operate using encouragement, accomplishment, discipline and structure. They focus on the positive and look towards improvement in every aspect of their business and programs.

We have found something that we hope becomes a life-long passion for our son, and eventually our daughter. We encourage everyone to try it. We’ve learned first-hand that with ATA there aren’t any limitations, only endless possibilities.


I had always had an interest in Martial Arts but never had an opportunity to participate, I thought this would be perfect for the twins. I could spend some time with both of them and figured that my grandson that was having difficulties could only benefit from the structure that this type of training would provide. I went to the studio, sat and watched, met the family that ran the dojo and decided to sign up.

The boys began their training as Tiny Tigers, I took them after school three to five days a week for eight years. It’s what we did, they always looked forward to going. Ms. Medina (then Ms. Schafer) and her brother Mr. Schafer welcomed my autistic grandson and never had but the highest expectations for him and how he would benefit.

John E.

When my wife approached me about the idea of putting our 5 year old son Sean in Taekwondo I was not thrilled. I played football and baseball growing up and I wanted my son to follow in my footsteps. I wanted him to experience the "team" concept, the value of hard work and satisfaction that comes with competing. I had no idea that he would gain this and so much more from Taekwondo. I have watched my son fall in love with his instructors, his fellow students, and Taekwondo. Not only is he learning a sport that he loves but he is being taught life skills like honesty, respect, loyalty, and courage. The owner of this school treats the kids as if they were her own. The instructors are nothing less then amazing. We feel like we are part of a family. ATA was the best decision we have ever made for our son and if you ask him he would say the same..

Troy J.

Mrs. Medina trained my son as a Tiny Tiger. He was only 4 years old at the time. We decided to put him in Taekwondo as he had very little focus and was easily distracted. He also had very little self control. As his instructor, Mrs. Medina showed tremendous patience and kindness, yet remained tough when needed and held him accountable for his actions. Mrs. Medina had a tremendous amount of influence on him as a young boy. He is now 9 years old, a Second Degree Black Belt and holds 3 California State Champ titles. Mrs. Medina remains a supportive influence on his life and he looks forward to the week at camp he gets to spend with her every year and appreciates all the support she gives him at tournaments.

My son now has an abundance of confidence and lives his life with the utmost integrity. He has self control of his actions and takes responsibility for them. He is focused in school, gets excellent grades and has become a leader among his peers. All of this came with the years of Taekwondo training and I highly recommend Taekwondo and Mrs. Medina.

Teri K.

Kristin Medina and her team of instructors and leaders have built a great foundation for kids, teens, and adults at Santa Rosa ATA. Our family has two 1st degree Black Belts and another waiting in the wings. What sets Mrs. Medina's school apart is the broad scope of kids and adults who walk in the doors for the first time. All walks of life: different backgrounds, different cultures, different strengths, different levels of ability. Yet all desire to commit to a common goal: To put in the time, effort, and hard work to become people who develop courage, wisdom, and the ability to set goals in their lives and reach them with class, integrity, and respectability.
Mrs. Medina has a wonderful ability to look into a students makeup and find what can motivate him or her to find that inner power to do something that they might not even know they can do. We see it at belt testing almost every time: a brief one on one conversation after failed board break attempts leads to a triumphant last attempt that lights up the room and a calming glance that says, "I told you you could."
But I know that the aspect of Mrs. Medina that has made us the most proud to be at Santa Rosa ATA is the genuine sense of unity and extended family that she has promoted from day one. In my experience, it is rare that a youth sport/activity that has strong elements of competition maintains the highest level of spirit, encouragement, and support among ALL students and families alike. Everyone looks forward to belt testing to be able to watch and cheer for all students to do their very best. But the outpouring of support is never greater than when someone doesn't quite reach their goal on a given night. That is when the kids know that support is most needed, and they always offer encouragement and a push to work harder for the next time.
If anyone isn't sure that ATA Taekwondo is for them, give yourself a five minute conversation with Kristin Medina. She will have you signing up for class in three minutes.

Ryan C.

I started my son in the tigers class in December of last year. With the kindness, patience and height standards of the instructors he has really blossomed in his class. Outside of class he has begun using his voice to stand up for himself with greater self-confidence. As well, demonstrating more respect toward his elders and fellow man. He just graduated to the next belt level. He replays the honorary ceremonies by reacting them with great pride and joy. Absolutely LOVE this school.

Gloria M.