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Instructor Bios

Kristin Medina

Certified Instructor, 5th Degree Black Belt

I have been training in Taekwondo for over twenty-four years and have been teaching kids and adults for more than twenty of those years.  My brother and I both started with the ATA in 1992 and have been training in the organization since then, and now we both run very successful ATA schools in Sonoma County.

To me there is nothing more rewarding than helping to make a difference in our community and having a positive impact in a child’s life.  The confidence I gained in martial arts as a child has played such a huge role in my life already.  The benefits can be seen in my training, school studies, business and even relationships.  Now as I have started a family I look forward to also raising my boys to be involved in the school as soon as they are old enough.

Orlando Banuelos

Certified Instructor, 3rd Degree Black Belt

I’ve been training for over 8 years in ATA and plan on continuing until I can't walk any more. There are so many reasons why teaching is my passion but my number one reason is to help impact someone's life in such a positive way, just like ATA did for me.  Its helped me stay on the right path, gain self control and learn that I can make a difference in someone's life.  There is nothing better than having a parent come up to me and say thank you for helping their child.  ATA is definitely my number one passion and I can't picture my life without it.